Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Konnichiwa! Marhaba! Jambo! NiHau!

Chaska Elementary will be celebrating its 9th Annual Cultural Day on Thursday, March 2, 2017! During the school day, CES students will ‘travel around the world’ to different classrooms where they will experience and learn about various countries, cultures and traditions.  We are still looking for presenters that are from, have lived in or frequently visit a country outside of the United States to come and have fun with the kids! Presentations are 30 minutes in length and will take place between 8:30-11:30am on Thursday, March 2nd.


We are also seeking volunteers to help with assisting presenters and preparing the luncheon.  Volunteers are invited to stay and enjoy the yummy food. We hope you will consider joining us! Please use the link to sigh up for a food donation or to volunteer during the event.  Sign up now on